Buyers Guide

These are quick guides into understanding the RC Hobbies.

  • BL (stands for brushless) These are brushless motors, the benefits of a brushless motor, they are much faster and last longer. These motors can be identified by the 3 wires coming out of them.
  • ESC ( Electronic speed controller) These are available in different types most popular in RC Hobbies are the brushed and brushless version. The brushed version has 3 wires to connect to the motor while the brushed version has 2 wires.
  • Brushed ( These are motors with 2 wires) These are much slower than the brushless motor and use more power to run.
  • LiPo  ( lithium polymer battery) These have much faster charging times and delivery more punch to the motor, These are mainly used for brushless motors.
  • NiMh ( nickel metal hydride battery ) These batteries take much longer to charge and don’t last as long as LiPo batteries.
  • mAh ( This is what amps the battery can hold) The higher the mAh the longer the play time. Just keep in mind the higher the mAh the longer it takes to charge. Also be careful not to overheat the electronics.
  • Chargers ( All chargers have a mAh charging rate, The lower the rate is the slower the charge time) Just be carful when charging not to put a higher amperage than what the battery can handle, This may cause the battery to catch on fire. There are many different type of chargers available some are just for that type of battery and some do different chemistry batteries. Most cars come with a basic charger.
  • RTR ( Ready to run) This is a product that comes with everything you need to get you going except for batteries for the remote, Most remotes use AA batteries, These can be bought from local supermarket.
  • 2WD (Rear wheel drive back wheels deliver power) These are fun cars for beginners easy to use and easier to repair  if things go wrong.
  • 4WD (Four wheel drive all wheels deliver power) These are more complex car running 2 diffs repairing can be a challenge.
  • Waterproof ( Waterproof doesn’t mean it can be used as a boat) They are splash proof and can get wet. ( NOT DROWNED)  
    If you need more help on deciding what product is correct for you, please contact our office.