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Where Can You Get RC Boat Parts in Australia?

Many people believe that RC boats are the most fun of all RC vehicles, and maybe you are one of them. If you are looking for RC model boat parts, it’s probably because you’ve got one and because when it comes to RC boat parts Australia doesn’t exactly have a shop on every corner. But who needs a shop when you can order the parts you need right here online?

Why Do You Need RC Boat Parts Anyway?

Our RC hobbies products are all high-quality, so they don’t malfunction too often. However, they spend their active time out in the open air, on the water or being shoved into backpacks and the back seats of cars, and things can happen.

It is important to choose your location carefully for safety reasons, but also for practical and performance considerations. But unless you’re using your boat in a shallow swimming pool that is crystal clear and sparkling blue, there are going to be things in the H2O. Lakes and ponds have mud on the bottom and leaves and other debris landing on them all the time, not to mention weeds growing under the surface where you can’t see them. It all adds up to a shedload of bits and pieces that can get into the mechanism and cause trouble.

Good Maintenance and Cleaning can Reduce the Need for RC Boat Parts

There is no doubt about it: if you look after your RC boat you are less likely to need RC boat parts. Give it a good rinse and wipe when you get home, get it dry and store it somewhere safe – just common sense, really. But despite your best efforts, things do happen sometimes.

Or maybe you just want to customise or upgrade your boat for example with a new RC motor. It’s all part of the fun. From aluminium flex shafts to rudder arms, we’ve got a spares RC parts department just like a good real-life chandler has.

Ordering – and Help When You’re Not Sure What You Need

If you know exactly what you’re doing, you can click on what you need and order it there and then. But if you’re not an expert in this kind of thing and would like to discuss it, we have people you can talk to if you need advice. Our customer service is something we’re proud of at RC High Performance Hobbies because we understand the value of being looked after. There is too little of that in the world today and as useful as it can be to do everything online, sometimes the human touch can help you to make good decisions.

Payment Options and How to Contact Us

While RC boat parts are unlikely to break the bank, for future reference if something catches your eye while you’re on the site but you don’t have the disposable income to get it at the moment, we have a couple of options for spreading the cost. If that is of interest, by all means, ask us about that too. You can contact us by phone or fill in the online contact form and we’ll get back to you

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