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RC High Performance Hobbies was founded with a simple thing in mind – to provide a wide selection of top-quality RC hobbies and accessories while offering the utmost customer service and support. Our goal is to provide our customers with the type of customer support typically found at a local RC hobby store, while offering a greater selection of products shipped direct from our hobby warehouse to you, Being the importer we have more on hand in our warehouses located In Australia & New Zealand. We ship to every suburb in Australia & New Zealand, and the convenience of shopping 24/7. We are the direct importer so no middle guy, most of our products are built to our standards which we have parts upgraded as standard on most models. At RC High Performance Hobbies we still believe in the tradition that the customer comes first. We stand behind every product we sell and will always attempt to resolve an issue to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

Why Shop with us:

  • We believe our customers come first, and we strive to give the best pre and after-sales service possible from us. We also have a massive parts support for most products we sell.
  • Massive range With 1000’s of items in stock and growing monthly.
  • Best prices online – We have great relationships with our overseas suppliers and being the direct importer and not the middle man we have the competitor’s edge, This is why thousands of our customers say “our products are very well priced” and offer a high quality product as we are able to have most of our products built to our standards.
  • 99% of items dispatched within 24hrs – Almost all items are dispatched the same day if your order is placed before 10.00 am
  • The biggest and best RC hobby shop in Australia – With over 35 years of successful business experience in Australia and through our huge Hobby warehouses in Australia & New Zealand (NZ) we cater to satisfy our customer’s needs for RC Hobby products. We supply brands like HSP Racing, Himoto Racing, BSD Racing, SST Racing, SKYRC Chargers, TFL Boats, Heng Long Tanks, MJX Drones, SJ Drones, WL Toys and DHK Hobby. Most are ready to run (RTR).  With such are large range there is something for everyone.

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Why RC Hobbies Australia is a Game Changer

The revolution in remote control technology has made RC hobbies Australia’s hottest choice because RC and hobbies are now synonymous. And that is because the technology has finally caught up with the idea. All over the country, people are having fun with the latest electric on-road RC cars, off-road cars, buggies, bikes, tanks, boats and planes, and that means they’re looking for an online RC hobby store that delivers the goods – literally because finding an RC hobby shop in any given town that has all you need is as rare as electric exhaust fumes,

The Online RC Hobby Store for Fun on Your Own or with Friends

The online RC store Australia needs is right here at rchighperformancehobbies.com.au. We’ve got remote control construction vehicles, crawlers/rock climbers, RC drift cars, nitro trucks, model building kits, RC batteries, chargers, RC spare parts, super deals, low-priced gifts – just about everything you can think of. Many of our products come with a second battery because a lot of fun means a lot of power expended and we want the enjoyment to continue uninterrupted.

How RC Hobbies are More Than Simple Fun

The fun factor is what has made RC hobbies the incredible success they have become, but there is more to it than that. They can also play a role in child development, improving coordination, motor skills, concentration, problem-solving and speed of thought. They encourage people to get some fresh air because this is an outdoor hobby.

For adults, RC hobbies can relieve stress, taking your mind off what’s going on in your life while you exercise your RC skills. It can be a social sport, bringing together fellow enthusiasts for a bit of healthy competition.

There is also the happy matter of family bonding. It may be a youngster who gets into RC hobbies first, but parents see how absorbing it is and soon want to have a go. That can result in a battle of the generations as Mum or Dad takes on Junior, or Junior might have to play an advisory role as one parent vies with the other for the senior title. And as for the grandparents, don’t let them get wind of this or you’ll never get the remote out of their hands. Outdoor fun that’s not strenuous? That’s unheard of.

Top Customer Service in RC Hobbies Australia

At RC High Performance Hobbies we believe in looking after our customers when they’re looking, choosing and buying, as well as taking care of anything that crops up later. When you order from our remote control hobby store, we aim to dispatch within 24 hours – and we achieve that with 99% of our items.

You can call us and actually talk to a real person, as opposed to endlessly pressing one number for this and another for that. It’s a simple idea that is going out of fashion, but we believe in the personal touch.

How to Contact Us

Call us or fill in the online contact form with your email and phone number and we’ll get back to you ASAP. We will answer your questions and send you what you need. RC hobbies can give so much, so let the fun begin. Read Less