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All our RC Monster Trucks are ready to run (RTR) and come with charger and rechargeable battery. You just need to supply AA batteries for the remote. Read More

As Fascinating as Reality: RC Monster Trucks

The world of RC trucks is a pretty impressive place. The power, the strength – the attitude. Trucks get things done. And then you enter the world of monster trucks! Are these guys from another planet? They look like they’re designed to move from an earthly building site to dusty moon crater without skipping a beat.

Monster truck design must be done by mavericks, free-thinking rebels with no regard for convention. Let the sensible people design the everyday vehicles, the practical little numbers that make the world go round but don’t get your imagination going. When it comes to monster trucks, RC truck designers have bigger things on their minds. Weirder things, wackier things.

You can have a remote control monster truck in your RC collection for a surprisingly low amount of money. Just take a look at our range. From a Himoto 1/18 scale  brushed 4WD truck for an absolutely giveaway price to a ZD Racing 1/8 scale brushless monster truck you will be sure to find the right model to fit your requirements and price range. Check out our full range of RC trucks for more off-road RC vehicles including RC Rock Climbers.

How to Order Your RC Monster Truck

We have such an exceptional range of RC monster truck, electric RC planes, cars, boats and even RC dirt bikes to look at, the hardest thing might be to stop browsing and concentrate on making your choice. All you’ve got to do is click on the one you want, add it to your cart (that’s a standard cart, not a monster one) and pay by card there and then. At RC High Performance We get 90% of orders on the way within 24 hours, so it won’t be long till you’re showing off this muscular mechanical beauty – and telling people where you got it, because they are bound to ask.

Giving an RC Monster Truck as a Present

Buying for someone else? We can help you there. If you’ve had a request for an RC monster truck but you’re not even sure exactly what that means, give us a call. Our customer service team will answer your questions, point you towards the best, suggest alternatives and generally make sure you get it right because we all like to give presents that people will be thrilled with.

Spreading the Cost: Sometimes it has to be Done

While our prices are as low as we can make them, sometimes the thing you really want to buy is just a little bit out of your reach. We can help you there, with two options: Afterpay and LayBuy. Talk to customer service about it. You might find you can get a fabulous model you never dreamed you could afford. Or maybe you can get some other kind of vehicle too: an RC drift car or a bulldozer, for instance. There are so many ways to have fun with RC hobbies, and RC monster trucks could be just the start of a big collection.

Call us or fill in the online contact form and we’ll get back to you.
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