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All our Electric Rc Buggy come ready to run (RTR) and come with charger and rechargeable battery. You just need to supply AA batteries for the remote. Read More

Brushed & Brushless RC Buggies Can Fascinate Children  & Adults

Most of the parents who buy an RC buggy brushless engine model, as well as the ones with brushes, find themselves drawn to the pastime and will either hog the child’s high-speed brushless RC buggy or buy an RC car of their own and challenge junior to a race. Appreciating the difference between a brushless RC buggy engine and the more common brushed ones may be a technical subtlety that not everyone can grasp, but it’s the kind of thing that can make a conversation with a child leave an impression. What are the advantages of a brushless RC buggy? What exactly does it involve? Aren’t all model vehicles the same? Get them to look it up and find out.

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