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Cessna Mini

By on 31 October 2014 click here to comment

We took out the mini cessna and yak54 and had a ball, for under $80 these are worth every cent, There was a young guy at the park about 5 years old, we let him take control and no joke he crashed it at least 10-15 times and some were pretty hard hits. I can tell you they are built tuff!, All that broke on the cessna was the front wheel. I think on both cessna and YAK54 there not really needed. We hand launched on all occasions. Just be sure there's not to much wind around and for the price im sure you"ll be smiling the whole time, Thanks. http://www.rchighperformancehobbies.com.au/buy/lx-lanxiang-cessna-182-micro-rc-plane-2.4ghz-rtf/LX08017... continue reading

New stock arrivals

By on 12 April 2014 click here to comment

Hi Guys, We have sold out of many of our RC cars and planes due to the high demand, We should have many of both types of rc and spare parts back in stock on the 10th of October. Thanks!... continue reading

Firefly LED's

By administrator on 2 August 2013 click here to comment

G,day guys, Take a look at our latest LED light just arrived in stock, We have them in both blue and red, Really easy to attach, pre-taped with 3M tape and only requires plugging straight into the standard receiver AM/FM/2.4ghz compatible.... continue reading

Brushless back in stock

By on 25 May 2013 click here to comment

Hi guys New stock just arrived in this morning, most of those brushless rc's we were out of last 2 months are now again available!... continue reading