Electric or Nitro ? This is a very important question that most beginners over look!

Nitro powered cars are marginally faster than electric cars and can sometimes require more driving skill to control. The downside to Nitro models is there is a lot of maintenance required because of the engine. You will need to be prepared to learn and understand the model and mechanics of basic hobby engines. If you have patience and are looking for a something that needs more than just simply charging then Nitro is best for you. Bare in mind that with the new Brushless Motors on Electric cars the speed is terrific and with a LiPo battery, just about as quick as nitro models.

Electric powered cars are much simpler and require less maintenance than nitro. You can simply charge the batteries and run the car. Very little adjustments are needed. Recommended for beginners as well as enthusiasts who just want to get the model out and use it straight away or if you have restrictions on where you can use the car then electric cars make no noise.

Also, nitro cars generally have no reverse gear so it's forward only, where as with electric you have full control in both directions!