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Electric RC Helicopters as a Hobby

If you are looking for a great fun-filled hobby that people of all ages can get into then you might want to give electric RC helicopters a go. If you love the idea of flying a small rotary aircraft without requiring muchspace then such a hobby is certainly for you.

Now when it comes to buying RC helicopters, you’ll find that the market will give you no shortage in options. You can select from a wide range of scales and sizes as well as various engine types and power sources. The most significant decision for people looking to get into the hobby is perhaps the question of which type of RC helicopter to opt for.

Electric RC Helicopters VS Gas Powered RC Helicopters

There are generally two types of RC helicopters available in the market – the electric and the gas powered RC helicopters. Both types have their own pros and cons but for beginners and the average RC helicopter hobbyist, electric RC helicopters are highly recommended.

An electric RC helicopter is a lot more economical to fly compared to its counterpart and a lot easier as well. Its batteries can be recharged repeatedly after every use which cost a lot less and it easier to than filling with gas. Gas type RC helicopters on the other hand are a lot more powerful and its flight duration is typically a lot longer than electric variants although it can be a lot more complex to control which makes it ideal only for serious RC helicopter hobbyists.

Another significant difference between electric and gas powered helicopters is unit cost. The cost of electric RC helicopters have significantly gone down over the years and one could easily find a good model for between $100 and $400 while gas powered variants can easily cost thousands.

More on the differences between electric and gas powered RC helicopters

Another thing that RC helicopter hobbyists need to consider when it comes to choosing between the two variants is storage. Gas powered RC helicopters are vulnerable to high storage temperatures which can damage its internal components and can lead to a fire hazard. It’s electric counterparts on the other hand are a lot less demanding and there’s not much to do in terms of maintenance other than to make sure that its parts remain in working order.

Weight is also another principle difference between the two RC helicopter types. Electric RC helicopters are lighter compared to gas powered variants that basically sport miniature internal combustion engines. The lighter weight makes an electric RC helicopter more responsive and manageable compared to gas powered variants which require some skill to operate accurately and safely.

Choosing an RC helicopter

Now regardless of which type of RC helicopter you choose to opt for, there are a couple of things that you ought to consider if only to get the best value out of your money. For one thing, one must consider the kind of material a particular RC helicopter model is made of which determines its quality and performance. Carbon fibre helicopter RC model kits are the best in terms of durability to weight ratio but can be very expensive. Most affordable helicopter RC models are made off polycarbonate which is less expensive and reasonably strong but susceptible to cold temperatures.

Another factor that you ought to consider when choosing an RC helicopter is scale. If you are looking for something small that you can fly indoors then a mini electric RC helicopter would be the best choice. Bigger scale RC helicopter models are only appropriate outdoors over wide open spaces as they generate a lot of power and can be a safety hazard when flown over enclosed spaces.

Of course the question of which RC helicopter to opt for will also depend on cost. If you are looking for a big gas powered RC helicopter made of carbon fibre with all the performance specifications to match then you will need deep pockets. If however you are looking for something more manageable and economical then smaller and good quality electric RC helicopters will certainly serve you well.