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RC set buggy in 1: 5 scale with 4WD drive with petrol engine 32ccm with RC set 2.4GHz. Robust duralumin chassis, durable axles and arms, double disc brakes, fast and powerful servos.

Another development type among 1: 5 models by Himoto is a completely redesigned buggy RAPTOR 5XB. Although the design is based on the older MXB – 5 from which it took over some parts, it is a completely new concept from which is expected better handling and better handling. Compared to the competition, there is used all-wheel drive (4WD) and to drive a powerful 32ccm engine, whose performance can be further increased by using a tuned exhaust.

The overall construction is very robust, which guarantees good handling and durability of all parts.

The kit includes a fully assembled model, 2.4Ghz RC kit, RX battery and mains charger.

1. Engine: 32CC PRO
2. Wheel Diameter: 212mm
3. Length: 720mm
4. Width: 490mm
5. Height:285mm
6. Fuel Tank Capacity: 700CC
7. Wheelbase: 516mm(F/R)
8. Drive way: upright drive
9. Chassis: 4mm thickness. Aluminum 6061T6 Ground Clearance: 72mm
10. Net Weight: 12.7KG, Gross Weight: 16.7KG
11. Drive System: four wheel suspension drive system
12. Differential System: CNC process metal gear
13. Brake System: double brake disc turn round system
14. Gear Ratio: 9.6:1
15. Receiver battery/charger: 1500/2000mAh, Ni-MH battery
16. Body: anti-explode, high resistance
17. Camber Angel:0-8
18. R/C Control System: FM LCD Transmitter
19. Out of Control protection: standard protection equip
20. Steering Servo: 27KG-cm Throttle Servo: 9KG-cm

1. High quality main/diff.gears.
2. Four wheel center drive system, solid universal joint cups, high performance ball bearing.
3. Brake disc provides quick Brake response under high temperature.
4. Wheel rim is assembled and secured by 24 screws enable the tire and wheel rim are not separated while high speed running.
5. Fold stylish and solid full anodized aluminum 6061 chassis.
6. Anti-roll frame protects the inner instruction perfectly.
7. Perfect design and extra width front/rear suspension arm.
8. Powerful engine system with air filter, full aluminum polished exhaust pipe.
9. Enhanced suspension arm system, solid front/rear shock Tower.

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