HSP Racing – Hi SPeed Racing

HSP Racing is being sold in over 30 the world, making it one of the largest radio control manufacturers.
Always manufacturing and releasing new products every year, They make a product to suit your needs from 1/16th electric to 1/5 2 stroke buggies. Many other companies use HSP is there range cars under different names eg. Wind Hobby, Amax, Red Cat, Himoto, Exceed and more, so it can be confusing.
RC High Performance Hobbies stocks only genuine HSP cars, replacement parts and upgraded parts, giving you peace of mind knowing that you can always get HSP parts.
We buy direct from the manufacturer, allowing us to supply you great prices. Also buy us dealing direct with the manufacture we have most car modified to suit our requirements. Example: Upgraded to metal gears, Bigger battery power.

Rc High Performance Hobbies is proud to be an Australian HSP distributor and looks forward to working with HSP in custom building products to suit the Australian environment.

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